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Studies Suggest THC Could Kill Cancer Cells

A number of studies reveal that cannabinoids—such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in medical marijuana—have the ability to reduce the size of cancer cells and even kill it. In one study, researchers administered THC into mice with human tumors. The result? THC caused the tumor to shrink. In another study, two human patients with dangerously aggressive brain tumors were given THC intercranially. Upon analysis, the same results as that of the mice were observed: a significant reduction in the size of the cancer cells. Read the rest of this entry


Medical Marijuana is Good—According to 23 States

The legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes is currently one of the hottest topics in the U.S. As far as the federal government is concerned, marijuana is a dangerous drug (under the Controlled Substances Act) and should, therefore, be banned. Yet this view hasn’t stopped 23 states—indeed, even Washington, DC itself—from enacting laws that allow controlled distribution of the drug for those who need it. As of July 17, 2014, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio might be the next states to legalize the drug. Read the rest of this entry

Marijuana Dispensaries Meet Cannabis Storage Needs

Medical marijuana is best obtained from a recognized dispensary for one very good reason: the drug is rather sensitive to changes in temperature and moisture levels. Excess heat and humidity outdoors may cause the drug to lose some of its potency, thereby reducing its therapeutic effects. Consequently, it is recommended that medical marijuana be consumed as soon as possible.

In most cases, marijuana can tolerate temperatures ranging from about 65°F to 78°F; anything beyond this range may already cause the drug to spoil. Tissue damage is likely to occur at 40°F and can become permanent if the temperature dips to the mid to low thirties. In addition, the drug is best stored in a cool, dark place because excess light (especially sunlight) can damage the trichomes, the tiny resin glands found on the leaves and buds that contain active medical ingredients called cannabinoids.

Household storage options are considerably more limited as excessive handling and indoor activity can introduce moisture, dust, particulates, and the like to the drug. If there’s no other option but to store the drug at home, an airtight mason jar should be used. The jar should then be refrigerated, not frozen, to keep the contents cool and fresh for use.

Access Restriction to Medical Marijuana

Inappropriate use of medical marijuana poses serious health risks. For this reason, medicinal marijuana dispensaries need to exercise caution when it comes to the storage and sale of this substance. Should the drug fall into the wrong hands, serious consequences can follow.

Addictive Aspects

Certain components of medical marijuana produces the “high” and pain alleviation people normally associate with the drug. These addictive properties put vulnerable individuals at risk, which is why the drug should not be distributed to just about anyone. Only patients with state-issued IDs and medical certifications that indicate the proper dose should be served. Read the rest of this entry

Cookies at Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Advertisement experts and real estate developers definitely know what they’re talking about when they say “Location, location, location.” What this phrase means is that the location of a home or business is the most important factor in its value, and this has been proven by, of all people, a little girl scout.

What one 13-year old Danielle Lei did was come up with a brilliant idea to significantly boost her Girl Scout Cookies sales. What did she do? She set up shop right outside a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary. How successful was her idea? She sold 117 boxes in just two hours. Read the rest of this entry