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Georgia Might Open Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in the Near Future

To this day, Georgia counts itself among the 24 states that have yet to legalize medical marijuana. A new bill seeks to change that, however. According to WSBTV, Senator Curt Thompson from DeKalb County filed a bill last December 3 with the intent of making the drug available to those who need it and thereby generate more revenue that can be funneled toward infrastructure and education. His bill closely mirrors Colorado’s marijuana law, presumably because that’s where some families from Georgia obtain medical marijuana.
Should Senator Thompson’s bill weather all opposition and be passed into law, Georgia will be the 24th state to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate.


Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Using Marijuana for Cancer Treatment

Marijuana contains unique chemical compounds called cannabinoids that have the power to prevent many aggressive forms of cancer from metastasizing or spreading to other parts of the body. In addition, cannabinoids have also been proven to reduce cancer cells and enhance the immune system.

The health benefits of marijuana are multiple, and the medical and scientific studies that confirm them are myriad. If you have a medical condition that you believe is treatable with marijuana, you can talk to a doctor who can advise you accordingly and issue a marijuana card that allows you to obtain the drug from licensed medicinal marijuana dispensaries.

Opening Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Illinois? Things to Remember

Owners of state-regulated dispensaries can only sell cannabis to registered patients who suffer from one or more of the 33 listed qualifying medical conditions, from cancer to glaucoma. To be registered, patients have to obtain a written certification from their physician recommending the use of medical cannabis and submit it to their state’s Department of Public Health.

The current state of affairs in Illinois shows that opening a medical cannabis dispensary business here can be a smart venture. Illinois-based businesspeople would benefit from learning about state rules and regulations, and turning to experienced dispensary consultants like Medicine Dispensing Systems for guidance. Medical cannabis dispensary consulting companies can provide business owners with the necessary information regarding operations, legal compliance, and others.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Facilitate Responsible Cannabis Use

Several papers pointed to marijuana as a gateway drug, allegedly eliciting the use of dangerous drugs like cocaine (MacCoun’s paper being one of them). Although it’s not unusual for heavy drug users to have smoked cannabis first, experts say it’s not enough to implicate marijuana as the root cause of the perilous chain reaction.

A recent peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of School Health also points out that some of the pro-gateway theories do not consider other factors such as where the users got their marijuana. In contrast, legal medical marijuana dispensaries make drug abuse almost impossible as dispensary systems like MedBox are designed to restrict the amount of marijuana distributed per patient.

Starting Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Connecticut: Things to Know

Among the patients eagerly awaiting the dispensary’s opening—the second of a slew of registered medical cannabis dispensaries in the state—is a local by the name of Betsy Glassman who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. She is hoping that cannabis can help with her cancer treatment. Enterprising individuals looking into opening a dispensary of their own to help fellow locals like Ms. Glassman have things to keep in mind, especially pertaining to state regulations and restrictions.

Access Restriction to Medical Marijuana

Inappropriate use of medical marijuana poses serious health risks. For this reason, medicinal marijuana dispensaries need to exercise caution when it comes to the storage and sale of this substance. Should the drug fall into the wrong hands, serious consequences can follow.

Addictive Aspects

Certain components of medical marijuana produces the “high” and pain alleviation people normally associate with the drug. These addictive properties put vulnerable individuals at risk, which is why the drug should not be distributed to just about anyone. Only patients with state-issued IDs and medical certifications that indicate the proper dose should be served. Read the rest of this entry

Establishing Profitable Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Illinois

“The perks of owning a medical marijuana dispensary

Medical marijuana is a booming business opportunity in Illinois and the 19 other states that have legalized the substance. According to data, established medicinal marijuana dispensaries have the ability to gross over $20 million in a single year. The effort involved in developing a successful dispensary application may appear overwhelming, and based on the info above, it’s sure to cost you. However, with a little fortitude and the right kind of help, you can reach your goals.

Opening a dispensary in Illinois

The state of Illinois is giving away only 60 dispensary permits, so expect the application and acceptance process to be fiercely competitive. Firms like Medicine Dispensing Systems offer consultation services and dispensing products that will help turn your dispensary application into a profitable investment with unlimited earning potential.”

Dosage Done Right: The Value of Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

” The resolution asks the state to “take up this matter with urgency, by having legislation passed which restores the liberty of Alaskan patients easily to have marijuana prescriptions filled.”

As stated in the article, the absence of a legal marijuana dispensary would force patients who need the drug for medication to purchase it from the black market; obviously, this is a problem that needs to be rectified immediately. Dispensaries are one of the safest ways to sell medicinal marijuana without the negative connotations. Medical cannabis businesses looking to make their operations legitimate should consider using automated medical marijuana dispensaries.”

The Need for Safer Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Effective Dispensing Systems

Although met with some reasonable skepticism, the implementation of legal medical marijuana dispensaries were seen to have resulted in quite the opposite of what everybody expected.

Medicine from Weed: The Benefits of Medical Cannabis

Medical cannabis treats pain. Want to know more about medical marijuana dispensaries? Check this out!