Cookies at Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Advertisement experts and real estate developers definitely know what they’re talking about when they say “Location, location, location.” What this phrase means is that the location of a home or business is the most important factor in its value, and this has been proven by, of all people, a little girl scout.

What one 13-year old Danielle Lei did was come up with a brilliant idea to significantly boost her Girl Scout Cookies sales. What did she do? She set up shop right outside a San Francisco medical marijuana dispensary. How successful was her idea? She sold 117 boxes in just two hours.

To put things into perspective, medical marijuana and Girl Scout Cookies are really not that unrelated. In fact, one of the most popular strains of medical marijuana is called Girl Scout Cookies. It’s also interesting to note that the strain was invented by San Francisco-based rapper Berner. So in that sense, selling Girl Scout Cookies in front of a medical marijuana dispensary is just things coming full circle.

Although there have been some objections from some Girl Scouts chapters, the Northern California branch in charge of Danielle’s area doesn’t see any problem with the little lassie’s business strategy. The medical dispensary where Danielle sells her wares also fully supported the move.


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