Access Restriction to Medical Marijuana

Inappropriate use of medical marijuana poses serious health risks. For this reason, medicinal marijuana dispensaries need to exercise caution when it comes to the storage and sale of this substance. Should the drug fall into the wrong hands, serious consequences can follow.

Addictive Aspects

Certain components of medical marijuana produces the “high” and pain alleviation people normally associate with the drug. These addictive properties put vulnerable individuals at risk, which is why the drug should not be distributed to just about anyone. Only patients with state-issued IDs and medical certifications that indicate the proper dose should be served.

Side Effects to Teens

Studies show that teens who try or get addicted to medical marijuana can experience alarming side effects than adults. The adolescent brain undergoes delicate processes of development, which makes teens fragile to adverse reactions. For instance, some teens who get exposed to the drug can develop long-term mental health disorders like schizophrenia and depression.

Insufficient Doses for Patients

If your inventory gets used up inefficiently, patients who require the treatment may not receive their prescribed doses and would have to endure their symptoms until you can restock. Even worse, patients may go to another dispensary and resolve never do business with you. Either way, your business suffers.

Be sure to keep a secure and organized inventory by using a reliable medical marijuana dispensing system. Similar to a hospital or pharmacy’s system, this system allows you to safely store and monitor your supplies.


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