Business Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries

With more and more states legalizing the use of medical marijuana, cannabis dispensaries have become one of the hottest business opportunities today. If you plan on opening one yourself, be sure to heed these crucial tips:

Lower Cultivation Expenses

Marijuana leaves are the bread and butter of any dispensary, but you have to grow the plants first. That doesn’t mean you need to buy a plot of land, though, which is very expensive. Many operators, especially in urban areas, use warehouses instead to cultivate marijuana, thereby reducing operating costs.

Get Tax Deductions

It’s a sad fact that marijuana dispensaries can’t deduct business expenses from their taxes. However, if you offer other services such as patient counseling and drug education on top of dispensing cannabis, you can deduct the associated costs for these ancillary activities.

Make Life Easier

There are now medicine dispensing systems that can streamline the dispensing process while ensuring that no drug abuse occurs. Take for example the MEDBOX, which features a sophisticated software that records patient information, such as prescriptions and the recommending doctor, and utilizes a keycard and biometric scanner to verify all transactions.

Starting a new business is both an adventure and a leap of faith, especially if you’re entering a relatively young industry like medical marijuana dispensaries. With these tips, however, you can have a head start in the game.


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