Opening Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Illinois? Things to Remember

Owners of state-regulated dispensaries can only sell cannabis to registered patients who suffer from one or more of the 33 listed qualifying medical conditions, from cancer to glaucoma. To be registered, patients have to obtain a written certification from their physician recommending the use of medical cannabis and submit it to their state’s Department of Public Health.

The current state of affairs in Illinois shows that opening a medical cannabis dispensary business here can be a smart venture. Illinois-based businesspeople would benefit from learning about state rules and regulations, and turning to experienced dispensary consultants like Medicine Dispensing Systems for guidance. Medical cannabis dispensary consulting companies can provide business owners with the necessary information regarding operations, legal compliance, and others.


3 Ways to Maintain Your Dispensary’s Security

Like any other business, security becomes an issue when you operate medicinal marijuana dispensaries, especially since your products are highly valuable and possibly addictive. Your business can be a high-risk target for petty delinquencies and grave crimes alike. Crime rates of break-ins involving marijuana dispensaries are even getting higher in some states, and suspects range from troublesome youths to organized cartels.

With these threats proliferating, how can you protect your valuable investment? How can you make sure your products are secure so that those who really need them can acquire their prescriptions? Consider these three tips to maintain your dispensary’s security. Read the rest of this entry

Legal Medical Marijuana: A Look into the Common Ailments It Treats

MS is a neurological disease that results in patients’ loss of muscle control, balance, and sensation. At times, MS can also lead to eye pain or blurred vision. Cannabis, in the form of cannabinoids, is believed to aid in the management of such symptoms.

These are just a few of the ailments where cannabis can help. Enterprising individuals looking into a way to help others while making some profit can consider opening a medical marijuana dispensary. They can approach a full-service dispensary consulting firm like Medicine Dispensing Systems to learn how to go about it and to make sure they comply with state policies and regulations.

Legal Marijuana in Focus: Hawaii

The proper climate for growing marijuana depends on the strain. The more common cannabis sativa grows in tropical climates, given that their seeds originate from tropical countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Southeast Asia. Due to lack of chlorophyll, cannabis sativa plants must receive more light to pack a more potent punch than its sibling, cannabis indica.

Hawaii fits the bill compared with the other states and D.C. The island state has been growing pot way before the legalization, often at the mercy of airborne drug patrols and narcotic sniffers. Given the state’s produce-growing history, however, Hawaiian pot is widely considered as one of the best pots in the country. Read the rest of this entry

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Facilitate Responsible Cannabis Use

Several papers pointed to marijuana as a gateway drug, allegedly eliciting the use of dangerous drugs like cocaine (MacCoun’s paper being one of them). Although it’s not unusual for heavy drug users to have smoked cannabis first, experts say it’s not enough to implicate marijuana as the root cause of the perilous chain reaction.

A recent peer-reviewed study published in the Journal of School Health also points out that some of the pro-gateway theories do not consider other factors such as where the users got their marijuana. In contrast, legal medical marijuana dispensaries make drug abuse almost impossible as dispensary systems like MedBox are designed to restrict the amount of marijuana distributed per patient.

Legal Medical Marijuana in Denver May Be Linked to Drop in Crime Rate

If legalizing marijuana can only spur criminal activity, as critics believe, then why is the crime rate in Denver dropping?

Colorado’s road to legalizing medical marijuana began in June 2001, when voters approved a referendum delisting its use and possession as a crime. Roughly 13 years later, the capital of Denver opened its doors to the legal medical marijuana industry after passing Council Bill CB13-0570. Various amendments were subsequently made to the Denver Medical Marijuana Code.

Four months into the ordinance, crime in Denver has remained relatively static. The number of reported crimes has gone up and down for those months, according to state government data. In particular, based on Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) standards, homicide saw the greatest drop in crime rate at 42 percent compared with the first half of 2013.

Starting Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in Connecticut: Things to Know

Among the patients eagerly awaiting the dispensary’s opening—the second of a slew of registered medical cannabis dispensaries in the state—is a local by the name of Betsy Glassman who was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. She is hoping that cannabis can help with her cancer treatment. Enterprising individuals looking into opening a dispensary of their own to help fellow locals like Ms. Glassman have things to keep in mind, especially pertaining to state regulations and restrictions.

Opening a Legal Marijuana Dispensary: Brief Comparison of State Laws

However, these aspiring dispensary owners should be aware that laws regarding the business vary from state to state, and sometimes even county to county. For instance, in Minnesota, registered patients can have access to legal medical marijuana only in certain forms. This means that while other states allow registered patients to smoke marijuana leaves, Minnesota policies dictate that they only ingest cannabis through the use of pills or oils. They are also allowed to vaporize the compound through e-cigarette-like devices. Apart from that, the state only granted licenses to operate to two dispensaries statewide.

Business Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries

With more and more states legalizing the use of medical marijuana, cannabis dispensaries have become one of the hottest business opportunities today. If you plan on opening one yourself, be sure to heed these crucial tips:

Lower Cultivation Expenses

Marijuana leaves are the bread and butter of any dispensary, but you have to grow the plants first. That doesn’t mean you need to buy a plot of land, though, which is very expensive. Many operators, especially in urban areas, use warehouses instead to cultivate marijuana, thereby reducing operating costs. Read the rest of this entry

Legal Marijuana in Focus: Maine

States that allowed medical marijuana before 2009 faced a serious hurdle back then. While state laws permitted the sale of medical marijuana, federal laws may not; and even if you consumed weed within a state where the drug was legal, federal law trumps all under the supremacy clause. It’s like your big brother gets a bigger allowance because he’s older.

Maine is one of those states. When it legalized medical marijuana in 1999, the state immediately came in conflict with federal law, which still considered it an illicit substance. As a result, even with 61 percent of Maine approving legalized pot—one of the highest referendum results on legalizing pot—lawful distribution remained nearly inactive for ten years. Read the rest of this entry