How Medical Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients

Among the types of individuals that can benefit from medical marijuana, cancer patients may be able to glean the most from the drug. The cannabis plant and its derivative can be used as complementary or alternative treatments for their disease.

The main cannabinoid (i.e., the marijuana compound) of the drug, THC, is the compound mainly responsible for the therapeutic effects. A study done by University of East Anglia in the UK (supported by previous research in Spain) confirmed how THC acted on cancer cell receptors and shrunk tumors. THC also reduces the chronic pain distinct to some types of cancer, as well as pacifying the nausea and vomiting side effects of chemotherapy.

Other active ingredients also carry their own benefits. CBD, for instance, is known to stop the tumor growth in leukemia and breast cancer patients.

Although cancer patients can be encouraged to maximize these benefits, patients must be educated regarding the legal and medical implications of the drug. They can’t shop in black markets where the strains or the forms may not be optimal for their condition. They can’t self-medicate, either, so they can ward off the addictive tendencies that come with the drug. They should seek doctors who can prescribe them the right type, dose, and possibly even the established medicinal marijuana dispensaries where they can acquire the product.


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