How to Use a Meadical Marijuana Dispensary

As of October 30, 2014, medical marijuana is legal in 23 states (plus the District of Columbia) under a variety of conditions. Most of them, however, allow the drug to be distributed or obtained from dispensaries only, and even that has certain requirements that must be met. Thus, people who need the drug to help treat their conditions are advised to refer to their state’s marijuana law(s) for specific information.

In most cases, though, they can expect to present certain documents proving they’re qualified to use the drug. For instance, in California, marijuana patients must have a written letter from a state-licensed doctor that recommends (not prescribes) the drug as part of their treatment. This was amended in 2003 when California passed a law that allows the state to distribute ID cards, which could be used in place of a recommendation letter. These cards can only be used in their state of origin, although a handful of states like Maine and New Hampshire accept marijuana IDs from other states.

Once patients have these documents, all they have to do is present the papers to the dispensary. They might be surprised to see that the marijuana given to them comes in various forms. In Minnesota, for example, medical marijuana is distributed in liquid or pill form (among other things), whereas medical marijuana in New York is always presented in a non-smokable form.


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