3 Ways to Maintain Your Dispensary’s Security

Like any other business, security becomes an issue when you operate medicinal marijuana dispensaries, especially since your products are highly valuable and possibly addictive. Your business can be a high-risk target for petty delinquencies and grave crimes alike. Crime rates of break-ins involving marijuana dispensaries are even getting higher in some states, and suspects range from troublesome youths to organized cartels.

With these threats proliferating, how can you protect your valuable investment? How can you make sure your products are secure so that those who really need them can acquire their prescriptions? Consider these three tips to maintain your dispensary’s security.

Hire trustworthy staff.

Make sure you get respectable, honest employees. If it’s a family business, get the commitment of responsible relatives or references. If you’re hiring outside your personal connections, do comprehensive background checks and interviews for each applicant, even if he or she’ll be doing the simplest task in your business.

Invest on surveillance.

Have a security system set up, hire a guard or guards, or do both. Decide based on the requirements or specifications of your business, such as its size and hours of operation. Never fail to supervise at all times by using the most advanced technologies for remote monitoring.

Look for innovative dispensary systems.

Even if perpetrators successfully break and enter, don’t let them get hold of your drug supply. Store them in modern automated-locked dispensary boxes. This secure dispensing system can also help prevent fraudulent transactions.



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