Legal Marijuana in Focus: Hawaii

The proper climate for growing marijuana depends on the strain. The more common cannabis sativa grows in tropical climates, given that their seeds originate from tropical countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Southeast Asia. Due to lack of chlorophyll, cannabis sativa plants must receive more light to pack a more potent punch than its sibling, cannabis indica.

Hawaii fits the bill compared with the other states and D.C. The island state has been growing pot way before the legalization, often at the mercy of airborne drug patrols and narcotic sniffers. Given the state’s produce-growing history, however, Hawaiian pot is widely considered as one of the best pots in the country.

Hawaii joined the ranks of pot-legal states in 2000 with the signing of SB 862, decriminalizing marijuana for patients with qualified conditions. Possession is at three mature pot plants, four immature pot plants, and one ounce of usable marijuana per mature plant. Starting 2015, SB 642 will redefine the amount to seven mature and immature plants and four ounces total.

As of this writing, the state hasn’t legalized dispensaries, but that may come next. In early 2014, state House speaker Joseph Souki addressed the lack of places to lawfully purchase medical cannabis as a hindrance in total legalization. Hawaii, Souki said, is still a long way from emulating true pot paradises like Washington and Colorado.


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