Tips for Opening a Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 21 U.S. states as well as in the District of Columbia. For this reason, operating a medical cannabis dispensary bears a huge potential for entrepreneurs. If you are considering joining the fray, keep these things in mind:

Learn about the state laws.

Laws on medicinal marijuana vary from state to state, especially when it comes to registration requirements. For this reason, get an inkling of these laws before deciding on which state to establish your medical cannabis dispensary business. For instance, in Arizona, the Department of Health Services ensures that the number of dispensaries doesn’t exceed the number of pharmacies in the state.

Consider hiring a consulting firm.

Having the business registered with the state’s Department of Health Services is only half of the battle. You also need to plan for inventory control, including its accounting and tracking. You need to think about providing a safe and convenient access for patrons, while at the same time guarding your inventory with heavy security doors.

Employ a physician.

Hire the services of a physician to ensure that patients are treated according to protocol. The doctor doesn’t need to be available on-site all the time, but he or she should at least be available to take calls during those times when a patient happens to be confused with his or her doses. Still, it is a patient’s primary physician who will recommend and prescribe medical marijuana.


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