Establishing Marijuana Dispensaries: The Lowdown

The topic of marijuana, specifically its legalization, is one of the most sensitive issues involving various sectors in the country. Some states allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, while others are still vehemently against it. If you happen to belong to the first group and are planning to put up your own dispensary, here are some tips that will help you establish one.

1. Lawyer and location – first thing to do is to get a trusted lawyer who can guide you through the laws and legalities surrounding the use and sale of marijuana in your area. Follow it up by finding a location to put up your dispensary where you won’t be encountering problems in the future.

2. Buy or rent – once you have found a perfect location, you can either purchase it or rent it out in the meantime. Make sure it is far from locations such as churches, schools and parks.

3. Planning is a must – lastly, make sure you have a sound business plan as well as the finances to build and kick-off your dispensary. Decide if you are going solo or open to partnerships. Keep in mind that without careful planning, your business is already doomed to fail even before you have reached day one.

Medical marijuana dispensary or not, keep in mind that it is still a business venture, and so it will take dedication and commitment to keep it up, running and profitable.


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