Opening a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

With medical marijuana now legal in 20 states, some medical practitioners and health care facility owners see fit to open their own medical marijuana dispensaries. However, doing so is not as easy as opening a retail store or franchise business. Anyone who is planning to set up such a facility should keep in mind that this undertaking requires careful planning and execution.

Similar to applying for a business permit in any state, one will need to apply and register with the local health department or authority before being authorized to operate a marijuana dispensary. Most states that permit the use of medical cannabis provide details regarding the rules and requirements for the application process on their websites. Rules and requirements for each state may also vary; as such, any individual or entity who wishes to register a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon, for example, must not have been convicted of possession of Schedule 1 or Schedule II drugs in the past five years.

At the same time, every medical marijuana dispensary must have a strong security system in place. In addition, the dispensary must not be within 1,000 feet of a primary or secondary school. Given the complexity of these requirements, it would be wise to turn to an expert consulting firm that can provide sound guidance during the entire dispensary registration and accreditation process, not to mention knowledge transfer of best practices.


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