Can All Doctors Prescribe Marijuana?

Marijuana and its active ingredients have been proven to possess extremely effective therapeutic properties. Medical marijuana use is still considered illegal under federal law, however. No pharmacies are allowed to distribute the substance at present. The only exception to the rule is when a doctor clearly sees the need for the drug in the treatment of some patients.

How do doctors manage to prescribe medical marijuana without breaking the law? Generally, not all doctors prescribe this substance, and if they do, it should be for treating a carefully diagnosed condition as clearly identified by the law. Some illnesses that require treatments involving medical marijuana are amyloidosis, anorexia nervosa, and autoimmune disease.

Whenever a doctor recommends marijuana as medication, he or she writes a letter explaining the substance’s importance for the treatment of a certain patient. The patient may then go to a local dispensary where one can get the drug legally. Finally, the dispensary provides the drug in the exact amount as prescribed by the doctor.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are the only establishments allowed to distribute marijuana for medical use. These establishments typically use automated dispensing machines that release exact doses of marijuana. Such a method prevents patients from potentially abusing and getting addicted to the drug.


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