Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to be Regulated More Strictly

“At the moment, according to federal law enforcement officials, the issue of using medical marijuana is akin to the “wild west.” Lines are still blurry as some states lack proper guidelines regarding the drug’s legalization that would ensure it won’t be acquired by people who aren’t really sick or qualified for medical help. To further add to the confusion, the current administration is allowing states to decide for themselves on the issue while leaving marijuana classified as a dangerous drug.
However, coming up with guidelines is difficult because the Food and Drug Administration cannot set templates on federally defined illegal substances, even though 21 states have already legalized or are in the process of legalizing marijuana. Thus, it is increasingly important that people who need the substance for medical or legitimate purposes only procure it through trusted medical marijuana dispensaries. These clinics work closely with industry consultants such as Medicine Dispensing System


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