History of Medical Marijuana

In the US, federal prosecutors are not after medical marijuana users and distributors as long as they follow state laws. Because of this, marijuana is now accepted as a form of medication, however, people don’t realize that medical marijuana has long been available to people.

In 2737 BC, Emperor Shen-Nung of China recommended marijuana for ailments like constipation, gout, rheumatism and malaria. Then in 1400 BC, marijuana was used by ancient cultures in the eastern Mediterranean as a form of medicine. While in India, they were used to treat human maladies in pre-1000 BC, and are still used by some doctors. In 200 BC, ancient Greece used marijuana as a remedy to edema, inflammation and earache.

While in 1619, America’s first marijuana law was passed in Jamestown Colony, Virginia , which ordered farmers to grow Indian hemp seed. In 1842, on the other hand, marijuana became the first, second and third most recommended medicine in the US from 1842 to 1890. However, in 1915, Utah enacted the very first US state anti-marijuana law.

From 1944-1975, researchers still continued to study marijuana and its use in different ailments. In 1996, California passed the nation’s first ever medical marijuana law, Prop 215, and in 1998, Alaska, Oregon and Washington passed laws to remove criminal penalties for use, possession and cultivation of medical marijuana. Different states have already legalized medical marijuana like New Mexico in 2007, and New Jersey and Arizona in 2010.


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