Right Stuff, Right Way: On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Marijuana, a drug derived from the cannabis plant, maintains a love-hate relationship with the entire United States. On one hand, it’s viewed at the federal level as an illegal substance that’s often abused for psychedelic recreational purposes; on the other hand, certain states have relaxed laws governing the use of this drug in recent years. This is due to cannabis’ efficacy as a medicine, which numerous studies can support.

In states that have legalized the use of medicinal cannabis, patients may go to recognized allow dispensaries that are authorized to sell marijuana to patients who can show the necessary prescriptions. Dispensaries have to meet strict requirements under the law; meanwhile, patients must possess a medicinal cannabis card that permits them to purchase and use the drug as a remedy. The recreational use of the drug is still largely outlawed across America, and those found to be in illegal possession of the drug without the necessary permits will be apprehended.

Some states don’t have medical marijuana dispensaries, but may have patients in dire need of such a drug. Particularly desperate patients might go out of their way to acquire black market cannabis if there are no dispensaries in sight. However, this practice is discouraged and should be avoided at all costs, as it’s clearly against the law. Certified patients must stick to purchase requirements and obtain their marijuana doses only from authorized dispensaries.


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