Medical ID and Prescription Required to Obtain Marijuana

Stories of marijuana smoking swarm the tabloid pages of celebrity columns. Just recently, former Nickelodeon child star Amanda Bynes was arrested for smoking pot and throwing the bong (a tube pipe) out of her window. And before her, singer Justin Bieber, and actors Kristen Stewart and Elijah Wood were caught smoking weed.

Despite the noticeable benefits of marijuana use in the medical field, cannabis, even for medicinal purposes, is still illegal in some US states. Arguments against its legalization vary from the notion that the drug has a high potential for abuse, to the perception that legitimatizing marijuana equates to government going “soft” on drugs.

In many medical establishments, marijuana is, in fact, being used as a controlled substance to relieve pain. It has been proven effective with little known adverse effects on the kidneys and the liver compared to more expensive prescription drugs. Its analgesic effects are quick and desirable especially for those undergoing pain management therapy—patients in treatment for cancer, multiple sclerosis, and chronic diseases. For patients with fierce migraines and seizures,cannabis has shown to be an effective muscle relaxant.

Doctors in some US hospitals prescribe or recommend certain types and dosage of cannabis, depending on the patient’s ailment. To purchase the required dosage, patients keep with them a letter from their doctor. In San Francisco, patients are given ID cards, instead of letters. These cards can be used in medical marijuana dispensaries, which are secure locations where marijuana can be obtained once your identification and prescription are checked out.



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