Curative Cannabis: A Brief Overview

Cannabis, more popularly known as marijuana, is a plant that’s perhaps well known (or infamous) as a recreational drug. While the plant itself can be used as a viable alternative to cotton fibers for textiles or as a foodstuff, cannabis can also induce a euphoric “high”, which can make it quite addictive. Such effects have led to widespread regulation and outright bans on this herb.

However, using cannabis isn’t all just about getting stoned and seeing pretty colors; its feasibility as a medicinal drug has in fact been explored multiple times, with generally positive results. Medical marijuana has been known to relieve the symptoms of glaucoma, neuropathic pain, nausea, anorexia, muscles spasms, and others. Synthesized forms of the plant can be taken orally, like a pill, which can induce the drug’s effects without forcing the patient to ingest smoke.

Despite the drug’s promising potential as a medicinal substance, it has certainly met a lot of resistance. Lately, however, several states across America have legalized cannabis in an effort to curb illegal distribution as well as spread word about its benefits. Perhaps someday, when the world could overlook the negative stereotypes associated marijuana, it will soon be a drug that helps improve lives.


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