For The Welfare of Non-Potheads

It’s been known that marijuana could be use as an alternative pain reliever. Cannabis is even granted legal in 18 states of due to its medical usage. Yet, its addiction effect when used for recreational purpose brings in the battle of pro and anti-pots in full swing. In fact, 52 % of respondents in the recent poll declared support to its legitimization, whereas several states remain firm in their stand to prohibit it. But illegal doesn’t mean it cannot be obtained. And even with the rigorous system set to regulate this drug, there are still instances that it falls to the wrong hands. So, this is where those secured marijuana dispensing machines like Medicine Dispensing Systems are made to guarantee that the drug is only distributed only to those who really need it. Working like an ATM machine, it is full guarded and the content can’t be dispense to anyone but the rightful owner. Thus, regardless of the altercation, it will continue to ensure secure access to medical marijuana.


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