Gorging on Some Marijuana Brownies for Medicinal Purposes

Marijuana is more than a recreational substance. Owing to its herbal nature, it can also serve a medicinal purpose. There are plenty of ways by which medical marijuana can be ingested, but did you know that it can be used as an ingredient for some very tasty treats? 

Cookies, meatballs, you name it, someone else has already found culinary uses for the “leaves.” If you have been issued a Medical Marijuana Recommendation in any of the 14 states that have legalized marijuana, then you can consume the herb in a delicious way. That said, one pastry always sticks in the minds of people getting their fix – “special brownies,” as the teens of That ’70s Show once put it. 

Baking “special brownies” requires a batch of eggs, oil, water, brown mix, a standard baking pan, and a serving of prescribed marijuana that is grounded down or converted as pot butter. Since weed brownies have a tendency to stick to the metal pan, a liberal helping of butter should be applied to the pan before applying the mixture. The sweet content usually leads to the marijuana’s effects kicking in roughly an hour after eating. 

Naturally, marijuana for these brownies will have to be acquired through legitimate outlets, which is only possible if you have a prescription from a medical professional. On the other hand, you should stick to smoking the marijuana if baking is not quite your thing. 


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