Making the Cut for Medical Marijuana Prescriptions

Marijuana can be used for recreational or medicinal purposes, but it continues to have a rather complicated relationship with the law despite the latter. While still a hot topic of debate, people can take comfort in the fact that there are at least a dozen states in the U.S. that have legalized marijuana for medicinal usage. These states are home to a number of medical marijuana facilities, although gaining access to these can be quite a challenge. Worse, some may operate under a members-only policy.

If you find yourself in need of marijuana for some herbal therapy, you can scour online for a list of health practitioners who also issue prescriptions for medical marijuana. However, you have to be honest with the chosen practitioner about the ailments that you wish to be treated. The ailments can range from glaucoma and nausea to even fibromyalgia and PMS. If all goes well, the practitioner can issue a recommendation to let you acquire a stash of up to the maximum allowable amount under the state law.

Depending on the diagnosis, getting ahold of medical marijuana will go a ways toward treating your ailment. However, you need to play things smart. This means doing your research before crossing into another state that may not have legalized the use of this herb.


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