Studying the Effects of Marijuana

Due to marijuana’s addictive properties and health risks, the drug, otherwise known as cannabis, has remained illegal in many states across the US. However, researchers from the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research have been testing different types and doses of marijuana and have found the drug to offer several medical benefits. But because of the issue of legality in some states, its use has been restricted to a few medical facilities. 

Critics of the drug’s widespread use essentially fear its addictive properties and the users’ predilection to abuse it, and thus lead to adverse personal and social consequences. Addiction to substances almost always dominate the lives of individuals, which takes a toll on their health as well as their relationship with the community. It’s an inimical slippery slope that very soon often entangles the underage members of society.


When the drug is abused, marijuana impairs focus and attention, and impedes the cognitive functions of its users. Long term effects also include respiratory problems, poor short-term recall, low sperm count for men, and irregular menstruation for women. 

Despite the health risks, many people support research on the drug because of its capabilities to alleviate debilitating nerve pain and slow down tumor growths. Marijuana is a muscle-relaxant so patients suffering from seizures, for instance, could inhale the drug’s vapors to help them calm down. 

The debate on its legalization still rages. Meanwhile, medical facilities have been granted legal use of the substance as long as it is controlled and secured.


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