The Medical Benefits and Legality of Marijuana

People titter whenever they hear the word “marijuana”. To many, it is associated with the addled things people high on drugs say or do. Compared to other illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, the medical benefits of cannabis is inching ever closer to mainstream acceptance. Increasingly used by patients with terminal diseases, such as AIDS and cancer, medical marijuana alleviates nauseousness, lack of appetite, and pain, among others.

Federal law has, for years, made it illegal to possess, sell, give away, or grow marijuana for any purpose. However, to date, there are 18 states that have decriminalized or legalized marijuana use. Arizona and New Mexico allow patients with valid proof of residency to use a limited amount of marijuana that varies per state. Caregivers are also permitted to cultivate a controlled number of mature and immature cannabis.

Despite its legality in some states, some experts don’t recommend marijuana use because, as with any smoke intake, the substance can prove as harmful to the lungs as cigarette smoke. Smoking it with any regularity can also affect cognitive functions.

Those who champion cannabis, on the other hand, assert that it can relieve pain without the unwanted side effects of clinical dependence. It has become helpful as well in improving the appetite of patients who suffer from AIDS and cancer. In any case, whether it is used for recreational or medical purposes, avoid getting addicted to marijuana, unless you want to star in the latest viral video on youtube. 


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