The Age of Instant Coffee and Fast Foods: Where Anything Goes?

In our fast-paced modern society, where everyone always seems to be in a hurry, almost everything is obtained and consumed in an instant. People buy products which they can easily use and throw away—the faster, the better. Why spend time brewing coffee when you can have one in an instant? If you want fruit juices, you can have them either bottled or in tetra pack with no hassle. These days, you can even thank the Japanese for creating vending machines that churn out food and other consumer items in an instant by the drop of several coins or bills.

Even drugs like medical marijuana can be dispensed in similar ways for the convenience of patients. Medical marijuana has become legal in many states in the U.S., and numerous dispensaries, co-operatives, and wellness clinics exist to service the industry. However, to protect the public and ensure that federal and state guidelines are being followed, medical marijuana is not directly available to patients, and is administered under strict supervision by clinics and other establishments authorized to dispense the drugs.

Medical marijuana dispensaries keep the drugs safe in environmentally controlled conditions that can be securely monitored. Inventory is strictly monitored and all transactions are documented. Although authorized medical marijuana dispensaries also provides the same ease as vending machines and instant foods, there are many imposed legal restrictions that govern its use—and rightly so to prevent any abuse. 


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