The Various Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

According to, eighteen states have enacted laws that legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Dr. Lester Grinspoon, professor at Harvard Medical School, states that there have been no deaths directly linked to cannabis use. Although the legalization of marijuana is a point of contention in the country, it has been reported that medical cannabis actually offers several health benefits.

 Marijuana reportedly stops the progression of Alzheimer’s plaques and protein clumps that inhibit a person’s memory and cognitive functions. Cannabis also helps control epileptic seizures and eases the pain caused by MS (multiple sclerosis). Perhaps the biggest health benefit of medical marijuana is the fact that it is arguably one of the most effective substances in the treatment for glaucoma. Taking cannabis can relieve the pressure that causes optic nerve damage, which causes total vision loss in some cases.

Even though a good number of states have allowed cannabis for medical purposes, Colorado is the only state, so far, that has legalized it for recreational purposes. Patients who require cannabis for treatment must go to an authorized dispensary for their required doses. These dispensaries also need to make sure that they comply with all regulations pertaining to the sale of this medicinal herb.


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