Medical Marijuana: From Flower Power to Medical Power

At the height of the Vietnam War during the 1960s, many U.S. campuses became restless grounds of student activism. They all had one message in common: to put an end to the conflict that has wasted so many American lives and resources. Amid all this turmoil, there appeared a countercultural movement known as the hippies who whore flowers in their hair and adopted cannabis or marijuana as one of their symbols.

 The hippies became a largely anti-establishment youth revolution that blossomed in the U.S. and soon spread to rest of the world. The Beatles, Britain’s iconic rock and roll group, even became associated with the movement at one point. While the hippies mainly used marijuana as a recreational drug, it has in fact been recognized for its medicinal benefits for thousands of years, and advocates of medical cannabis have since pushed for its inclusion in treatment for pain, nausea, insomnia, lack of appetite, and even alcohol abuse.

 Today, California and 17 other states (including the District of Columbia) have legalized the regulated medical use of marijuana. Scientific research has since proven its efficacy in treating health issues ranging from migraine to AIDS. Responsible and regulated use of cannabis can go a long way in ensuring the success of various treatments.


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